Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

Who makes the SCF possible?


The Security Culture Framework have supporters of all kinds, from anonymous individuals to the Fortune 100 organizations who use it to build and maintain good security culture within. This open and free project would not be possible had it not been for our supporters of all kinds. We, the Security Culture Framework Crew, would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helps us bring this project into life.

Some of the key people who participate in the development of the framework includes:

  • Kai Roer
  • Mo Amin
  • Sarah Clarke
  • Rune Ask
  • J. Wolfgang Göerlich
  • Geordie Stewart
  • Lars Haug
  • Eli Vahid

There are numerous other people who use the framework, discuss the framework and participate in creating content, templates and dialogue around the world. You know who you are, and we are forever grateful!

Consulting Partners

The Security Culture Framework is being used by many different kinds of organizations around the world. Some choose to implement and it themselves, others prefer to use consulting services to ensure success. A selection of consulting partners include these fine companies. If you are looking for a consulting partner in your region, use the Partner Localization service on the Roer Group website, or ask around in the forums.




You may also involve yourself in the Security Culture Framework! Get active on the forums, join our training programs and attend the yearly Security Culture Conference! You may also contact us if you would like to engage yourself further – we are open to discuss any number of ideas you may have!

Engage me!

Kai Roer

Creator of the Security Culture Framework at CLTRe
An engaging and award winning specialist on security behaviors and security culture, I provide organizations around the world with advice on assessing, building and maintaining good security culture using the Security Culture Framework. I am working with researchers and practitioners worldwide to bring insights on human behavior from a security perspective, thus creating better products, services and organizations.

Recognitions (Selection)
* Ron Knode Service Award by the Cloud Security Alliance
* NCI Fellow at the National Cybersecurity Institute in Washington DC
* JCI ITF #132
* Amazon Bestselling Author

Author/editor of the success books:
* Build a Security Culture, IT-Governance 2015
* Protecting our Future (Chapter: Cybersecurity in International Perspective), Hudson Whitman 2013
* The Cloud Security Rules (Editor, author), The Roer Group 2012
* The Leaders Workbook, The Roer Group 2010
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