Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

Volunteer position: Webmaster

The Security Culture Framework and community is looking for a webmaster / website maintainer to take care of the website. As a webmaster, you will be given the opportunity to choose what technology to use for hosting our files, blog, forums and articles.

Today, the platform is WP (hosted), with BBPress, BBForums and some custom updates to the template used. There are pro’s and con’s with using WP, and in 2017 we believe there may be better options available to maintaining a community. Therefore, a crucial part of this role is to work with the current team to identify new platforms to use, while maintaining a SSO-experience for the users.

The work will include things like:

  • WP management – updates, fixes, backups.
    • Hacking the template to make things work again
    • Fight sploggers and fake accounts
    • General maintenance and backups

The work may include things like:

  • AWS EC2 setup and maintenance
  • Front-end design to make a uniform experience
  • Design and set up a new system, where parts of the functionality is spread across other services and brought together seamlessly
  • Decide on a feasible platform(s) to host and serve the different kinds of content
  • Integrate different services and tools to make the SCF a live and thriving community

This is a volunteer position, where we ask you to commit 5 hours a week on an ongoing basis, and possibly more in peak periods. We are looking for someone who see the value of contributing, and who want to make a change in other peoples life’s as well as in the industry. You may be opinionated, but you do know how to work with others to make things progress. You will be joining a very small team who really have no time for this at the moment, so you should be able to make things happen without too much supervision.

One critical skill you have is technical security – you have experience and interest in securing websites, and you know how to do it without breaking things. You also know that a lot of the WP plugins and consultants have no clue about security, and as such you are very sceptical to using them.

Still reading? Interested? Reach out to Kai and let him know you are ready!


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