Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

The Security Culture Conference 2016 Call for Presentations



The Security Culture Conference is the globally leading conference on security culture. The organizers are the community behind the Security Culture Framework, who use the conference to spread information about how to build and maintain security culture. In 2015, participants from USA, Asia and Europe met to learn and discuss the various topics of security culture. You may read one participant’s experience here.

For 2016, the conference will again take place in beautiful Oslo, a cultural capital with beautiful surroundings. We are also expanding the conference from one day to two days, and adding a full day training on security culture, for a total of three days in Oslo! And, for our foreign visitors, we are creating a mini-tour of Norway, which will take you to the mountains and the fjords!

In addition to tourism and fjords, we plan a program with focus on some of the challenges of building and maintaining security culture, awareness and changing behaviors. The conference will consist of a combination of talks and panels – looking into the five areas of building culture: the Process, Metrics, Organization, Topics and Planning. A full program will be ready by end of March, and if you would like to share your experience and insights, please propose a talk using the CFP before January 1st 2016!

The conference will also present the new, improved version 2 of the Security Culture Framework, and there will be other announcements too! Sign up for the EXTRA Early Bird today, and save big!

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