Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

Template: 12 Weeks Campaign Planner

This template is designed to help you set up and plan a 12-week security culture Campaign.

The template is divided into three sheets: Activities; Metrics; and Revisions. 


The Activities part of the template start at week 5. This is when you start to run the actual activities you have selected in the Topics module in order to reach your defined goal(s). If you have not yet defined a goal for your campaign, visit the Metrics element of the Security Culture Framework.

You may have as many activities you want. Add one activity per line, and mark the week you want that particular activity to start, and the week you want it to end. 

How you choose to mark each week is up to you: you can type in the day/time to start, you can just color code the week, or use any other markup that give you meaning. 


The Metrics sheet is used to decide when to run metrics, including defining a goal (before your start the activities), create a baseline, as well as when to run the measurement after the completion of the program.

It is important to set a baseline, have a clearly defined goal, and to measure after the activities. It is up to you, and your needs, to decide what to measure (each single
activity or the campaign as a whole). 


in the Revisions sheet you set dates to audit and analyze your campaign, including reflecting on what improvements you should do for the next iteration of the campaign.


  • White cells: Type in your data.
  • Dark-grey cells:  not to be used in that particular template.

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