Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

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Building a security culture management platform – a brief history

Changing culture isn’t easy. It takes time and requires sustained efforts. Established in 2015, CLTRe was created to answer the question, how do you measure security culture? – a question that Kai Roer (the creator of the SCF) often got asked whenever he was engaged in conversations on how to build security culture and the importance of metrics. Together with the pooled knowledge…

What are your goals?

Measure your success: Define clear goals using the SMART makes it easy to know if you fail or succeed. What are your goals? With the SCF module Metrics, you set goals, define your baseline and decide how to measure security culture in your organization/program. Read more on the Metrics module:

Metrics, a technical drill down

We all see that the goal is one of the most important parts in a journey, but without a clear understanding on where we are at the moment it is hard to know how long the journey will take and even in what direction the journey should start. In the security culture framework we do take care of ensuring that…

Metrics – What to measure, why and how

The starting point in the Security Culture Framework is metrics. In this phase, you understand your current posture and where you want to get to. Metrics are based on facts and measurable information. You use the measurements to analyse your organization’s strengths, weakness’ and possibilities. You start out by defining the current sitiuation, known as As-Is. Next, you document your target situation, known…