Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

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The Security Culture Show #13 with Rowenna Fielding

The Security Culture Show is back after a prolonged summer vacation! Todays topic was Getting Results from your awareness programs, and Rowenna Fielding shared from her great experience on how to build and maintain security culture using positive psychology. One particular research she pointed to was the work of Professor James Reason on aviation security, and how Just culture have become…

The Security Culture Show #12 with Lance Spitzner of SANS

In this episode of the Security Culture Show you get to meet the amazing Lance Spitzner, who shares his broad experience of changing behavior and culture around the world through his work at SANS and Securing the Human. Lance is a great inspiration to many when it comes to security awareness, and in this episode you get to hear first-hand of some…

Security Culture Show #11 with Shan Lee

The Security Culture Show #11 featured Shan Lee at JustEat. Shan shared his security culture work at building a global security culture in a multinational organization. Shan will be joining the Security Culture Conference in Oslo in June 2015 to talk about his experiences of building security culture. You can watch the full episode below: Or just listen to the…

Fluffy Awareness – what to do! [Security Culture Show #9]

The first Security Culture Show of 2015, we kick off the new year with a kick to fluffy awareness – the notion that stuffed teddy-bears and cosy pillows are usable assets when building awareness. Not exactly, in this show we have Sarah Clarke visiting, discussing how awareness needs to be structured, planned and aligned with business needs. Although Kai brings out his toys, and there are some judo-ing and stick-beating, we all agree that using intrinsic motivation is better than using fear.

You can watch the full show below, or just listen to the podcast if you prefer.

The next show will be aired February 24th 2015, at 1800CET (9AM PST/noon EST/1700GMT). Remember to join us live to win a book or some other artifact!


A Recap of 2014 and Holiday Greetings! [Security Culture Show #8]


In this show, aired on Google Hangouts December 17th 2014, Mo Amin and Kai Roer spend the time to review the year of 2014, and have the Security Culture Show 2014 guests share valuable insights on security culture and awareness.

The guests appearing in this final show for the year:

  • J. Wolfgang Goerlich
  • Dr. Jane Leclair
  • Rebecca Herold (The Privacy Professor)
  • Bruce Hallas of the Analogies Project
  • Roar Thon
  • Arron Finnon
  • Geordie Steward

There are also gifts being given away to our viewers, holiday greetings and of course the Santa Mo! Tune in now – watch the video, or listen on the podcast!

We wish you all happy holidays, and see you again in 2015!

Remember to share the show with your friends, and tips us of potential guests too!

Episode 6: NCSAM with Dr. Jane LeClair | The Security Culture Show

In the October Security Culture Show, we discuss the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) as October is known to the security community.

Mo had to call in sick, so we had the excellent Arron “F1nux” Finnon of Finux Tech Whenever co-hosting and shedding some light on the show. Thanks Arron!

Our guest this month is the excellent Dr. Jane LeClair of the National Cybersecurity Institute in Washington DC. Jane shared some of the activities the NCI have to build awareness and culture.