Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

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Security Culture Framework Forum moved to LinkedIn Groups

For many years, the Security Culture Framework maintained a discussion forum on this website to enable our members to share and learn best practices of building and maintaining security culture. A decision has been made to move the forum to LinkedIn. The Security Culture Community believes that the LinkedIn Groups are a better choice to foster a positive discussion for…

Building a security culture management platform – a brief history

Changing culture isn’t easy. It takes time and requires sustained efforts. Established in 2015, CLTRe was created to answer the question, how do you measure security culture? – a question that Kai Roer (the creator of the SCF) often got asked whenever he was engaged in conversations on how to build security culture and the importance of metrics. Together with the pooled knowledge…

How Culture Impacts Negotiations

Security culture is not only about avoiding phishing, or setting strong passwords. Security culture also includes communication with others, and when communicating, we often find ourselves in a negotiation. Have you ever failed utterly at a negotiation, and later considered that perhaps differences in cultures was at play?

In this HBR video, you can learn how different cultures impacts how we negotiate, what is acceptable social behavior during negotiation, and how trust is built.

Should you prefer to, you may read the HBR article too, it is in-depth with nice examples.

How do you see culture creates barriers for security culture in your organisation? How can you use your new knowledge of culture and trust to break down those barriers?

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Why you should invest in security culture

Security investments is often seen as buying either hardware or software to protect our assets, both physical and logical, often this is not enough to ensure that we achieve the security levels we seek. The missing part of the investments is often in building knowledge, culture and understanding. If we provide people with valuable assets, such as information, we must…

How to protect your business from hackers

In this Guardian article, Danny Bradbury explains how to protect your business from hackers. Danny says you should start with understanding your risks, an advice that goes well with the industry best practices. He moves on to discuss how important devices are, and how cloud services may provide great resources as well as introduce new risks. The final point Danny…

Culture: Why it´s the hottest topic in business

Culture, and thus security culture, is quickly picking up interest and speed in the corporate world. This is great news for anyone who set out to build security culture: you now have the ears of the board and the management! According to Josh Bersin, a HR and management analyst and a columnist at Forbes, culture has become a must-have in organizations…

Definition of Security Culture

Before we can define Security Culture, we must define culture. According to The Oxford Dictionary, culture is: the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society Using this definition, we may define security culture as culture that impact security in our organization, both in a positive and a negative way. From sociology, we know that culture is…