Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

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WannaCry ransomware

In the aftermath of the big outbreak of WannaCry with the effect that hospitals in UK had to close, large companies had to put huge effort in restoration of their services and to date unknown damages from companies to yet reporting about their issues, we need to look into why it was possible to perform such attack, such easy. The…

My organization?

My organization, what do they know about security that may help me? You may ask when first learning about the Security Culture Framework in the organization module. As the expert at information security you are sure about that you have all the skills needed to educate your organization in how they shall adapt to the security rules that you have…

How to protect your business from hackers

In this Guardian article, Danny Bradbury explains how to protect your business from hackers. Danny says you should start with understanding your risks, an advice that goes well with the industry best practices. He moves on to discuss how important devices are, and how cloud services may provide great resources as well as introduce new risks. The final point Danny…