Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

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The Security Awareness Cycle – a supplement to the SCF!

Creating awareness and security culture requires a lot of hard work if you want to succeed. Using the Security Culture Framework, you can design and implement the security culture you want, which is great. The SCF itself offers an over-arching framework within which you can build and maintain your culture – but sometimes you want a more hands-on approach, a…

Understanding your audience: Using Personas

When you want your employees to understand your security awareness message, it is a good idea to make your message resonate with them. One step on that road is to realize that Realizing this is a first step to understand that most employees have other focuses, hobbies, interests, tasks and personality type than you and your security team. Analyzing your…

Template: Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis Template Use this template to analyze your target audience. Each column represent an office location (think multinational), a department (think sales, accounting, IT etc), or subgroups within a department (think personality types, learning preferences). The template comes pre-populated with row-titles. These can be changed depending on your needs and requirements. The purpose of this template is to help…