Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

Fluffy Awareness – what to do! [Security Culture Show #9]

The first Security Culture Show of 2015, we kick off the new year with a kick to fluffy awareness – the notion that stuffed teddy-bears and cosy pillows are usable assets when building awareness. Not exactly, in this show we have Sarah Clarke visiting, discussing how awareness needs to be structured, planned and aligned with business needs. Although Kai brings out his toys, and there are some judo-ing and stick-beating, we all agree that using intrinsic motivation is better than using fear.

You can watch the full show below, or just listen to the podcast if you prefer.

The next show will be aired February 24th 2015, at 1800CET (9AM PST/noon EST/1700GMT). Remember to join us live to win a book or some other artifact!


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