Security Culture

The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society
that allows them to be free from danger or threats.

Author Archive for Martine van de Merwe

I decided in 2014 to focus on security awareness in healthcare and started my own business PrivacyLab, because I believe everybody has the right to have their privacy respected. This certainly applies to clients of healthcare institutions, who should feel safe in the first place. I have some decades of experience in IT advisory and IT auditing with a focus on healthcare. I am co-founder of the Dutch security awareness community serving any security awareness pro who wants to be inspired by knowledge sharing colleagues. I am a Certified Security Culture Practitioner (CSCP).

Serious gaming: learning to identify risks

Gaming in security culture training is not about learning rules by heart, but about learning to identify risks.   Serious gaming is a way to enhance the security culture among employees. To learn more about the impact of gaming, I organized a meeting of the Security Culture User Group the Netherlands on the subject. In this blog I share some…

How much is privacy worth?

Finding medical information in old paper files is time consuming and therefore costly. Let’s scan the lot and link it to our electronic health records! Of course at low costs. No problem in the prize fighter market of scanning companies.   Detainees working with our medical records Recently public broadcast corporation Max broadcasted a documentary in the Netherlands on hospitals…

An ordinary data breach

  Recently I received an email from a nursing home. It was not meant for me, and it was full of confidential information. How did that happen? I am the owner of the domain and so I receive any mail addressed to email addresses ending with The nursing home has admitted a patient Van de Merwe and they…